We are not a chain store. We are people, who live close to nature. Since 1999, through our collections, we have been showing that in the world of fashion there is room for a tradition of creation from wool. We surprise with form, pose a challenge to artificial textiles and meet expectations of aware customers. Our energy, involvement and experience are oriented towards sharing with you what we have discovered.

What attracts to us

Respecting nature, using the materials it provides and taking, at the same time, the advantage of the newest technological thought, we are able to create the world full of comfort. What draws us to it? The difference we can experience while surrounding ourselves with natural products. We currently offer the widest range of products in Europe made of pure wool sheep and not only ..


The history of Alwero began in 1999 and over the years of our activity we have acquired experience in the field of wool knowledge – our basic raw material. Constantly directs us desire to provide people with the opportunity to explore the bounties offered by the wool. We are a brand of nature, natural products for people living in the rhythm of nature.

Our story

From the onset of our operations, we have been guided by nature, it inspires us, it provides materials and complements our collection. For us and for you it offers an opportunity of transition to the new dimension of fashion, where a clear conscience smells of flowers, natural fibres, like a warm breeze, envelope your body and the softness of cool moss soothes your feet and encourages to follow this path.

ALWERO Sp. z o.o.


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str. Krakowska 1 43-330 Hecznarowice POLAND